Not Drafts

Parlor Games: The New Orleans Tourism Economy (The Iron Lattice — Forthcoming, Summer 2016)

Wax and Whine: Mixing Science and Superstition in a New Orleans Botanica (Antigravity Magazine — May 2016)

The Revolution Will Not Be Guided: New Stories for an Old City, One Tourist at a Time (Antigravity Magazine — February 2016)

On Colonialism & Intersectionality (Take ‘Em Down NOLA Community Forum Statement — September 2015)

Stories That Do Not Belong To You: A Response to Beller’s NYer Piece (NOLA Defender — June 2015)

The Right To Exist: The Struggle for Commemoration of African American Cemeteries in the Bonnet Carré Spillway (Vernacular Architecture Forum — June 2015)

Interview with Robin McDowell: Notes on Memorialization, Identity, and the Bonnet Carré Spillway (Compass Collaborators — February 2015)

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