GiveNOLA: 3 non-profits to put on your radar

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Adinkra NOLA
I used to envision having kids in New Orleans. I started thinking about it with some seriousness about 2 years ago and wondered what the heck I would do should I want to build a family here. I thought about Waldorf Schools or homeschooling (cringed a little bit at both for my own reasons). Then I met Liz and started hearing about her work. “Un-schooling” is a mixed methods approach to small-group learning that blends humanities, STEM and plain practical stuff. No classrooms bursting at the seams…but also a research-driven and practical curriculum for nurturing thoughtful, collaborative kids who are also aware of their/each other’s ancestries. So my theoretical future kids would go here.

Daughters of Charity
TMI – Received free medical care and lab testing after a 3-week kidney infection that I didn’t treat. This place is freaking awesome. There are many locations in ALL parts of the city and I feel like not enough people know about it. My case was urgent, and they got me in on a Saturday at 8am. The Carrollton location is open Saturdays.

North Rampart Community Center
So besides designing their logo 🙂 …NRCC is a really special place. Did you know they have an indoor basketball court? And…New Orleans’ oldest indoor pool? (Even older than NOAC!) There is an after-school program, summer camp, and lifeguard certification classes throughout the year. In a beautiful building…that was part of St. Mark’s Church. (My favorite part of this history is that this was one of the places in the city immediately opened its doors to victims of the Upstairs Lounge fire for safety and treatment.) Donations would help fund these programs (and hopefully new ones!) and the historic building.